Le Naira - Monnaie du Nigeria

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Drapeau Nigeria Capitale Superficie Langues Officielles Fête Nationale
Abuja 923 768 km2 Anglais, français 1er octobre

Taux de Change / Exchange Rate
Heure Locale / Local Time 14:46

Date Euro / Nairas Naira / Euros Code ISO
30/04/2020 1 Euro = 210.63500 Nairas 1 Naira = 0.00475 Euros NGN
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
1 Naira 
Herbert Macaulay Mask
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
5 Naira 
Alhaji Sir Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa (1912-1966), educationist,
and the first Prime Minister from September 1957 to January 1966
Nkpokiti Dancers from the South Eastern part of Nigeria
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
10 Naira 
Dr. Alvan Ikoku (1900-1971), a prominent educationist Fulani milk maids
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
20 Naira 
General Murtala Mohammed (1938-1976) Arms
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
50 Naira 
Portraits of four Nigerians,
three men and a woman, superimposed on the Nigerian map
Farming in its two aspects of cultivating and harvesting.
The right top corner value is on two cowries shells.
Cowrie’s shells were once a medium of exchange in the country
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
100 Naira 
Chief Obafemi Awolowo, former Premier of Western Region Zuma Rock, a major landmark in Niger State
in the Northern part of the Federation close the Federal Capital
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
200 Naira 
Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto
and the first Premier of Northern Nigeria
Pyramid of agricultural commodity and livestock farming
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
500 Naira 
Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, first President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Picture of an off-shore oil-rig
Naira - Nigeria Naira - Nigeria
1000 Naira 
Alhaji Aliyu Mai Bornu and Dr. Clement Isong CBN's corporate Head Office in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria
Bank Central Bank of Nigeria
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