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Sofia 110 994 km2 Bulgare 3 mars

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Heure Locale / Local Time 11:20

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30/04/2020 1 Euro = 1.95580 Leva 1 Lev = 0.51130 Euros BGN
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
1 Lev 
1789 icon depicting of Saint Ivan Rilski (876 - 946) from the Uspenie
Bogorodichno (Assumption of Our Lady) Church in the Pchelino
Postnica (Hermitage) near the Rila Monastery.
Main Monastery church set off by the cloister's open-air walkways
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
2 Leva 
Pagisios of Chiliandar (1722 - 1773), the man who kindled the spark of
the Bulgarian National Revival. Zografou Monastery on Mount Athos,
the Monastery Seal, and the interior of Pagisios' monastic cell.
Zografou draft of the of the "Historiae Sclavo-Bulgaricus" with a list of
Bulgarian rulers. Tsar Kalogiannis Ring Seal and three seals with the images of
Bulgarian Sovereigns Mihail Shishman, Svetoslav Terter and Tsar Ivan Asen II.
Hristofor Zhefarovich's lion rampant with the names of Bulgarian rulers from the First
and Second Empires overprinted in microscopic lettering
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
5 Leva 
Ivan Milev, a noted Bulgarian 1920s artist. Details of his painting
"Art and the Crown of Thorns", decorative motifs from his other works,
passages from his letters and a monogram from a bill advertising his first
exhibition, held in Sofia in 1925
Fragments from his paintings "A Woman Harvesting",
"The Bulgarian Madonna", and "Wedding of the Dragon"
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
10 Leva 
Doctor Peter Beron (1799 - 1871), a National Revival scientist, Renaissance
Man, reformer and sponsor of Bulgarian learning. Frontispiece and plates from
his 1824 "Primer Containing Diverse Instructions"
Sketches taken from Peter Beron's treatises in astronomy,
and his personal telescope
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
20 Leva 
Stylised elements from the Bulgarian National Bank building Replica of the first Bulgarian banknote of BGN 20, issue 1885, the old BNB
building, the sculpture image of a seated woman used for the banknotes
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
50 Leva 
Pencho Slaveykov’s, and fragments of the buildings of the National Theatre
and the National Library. The texts "Пенчо Славейков" (Pencho Slaveykov)
and "1866 - 1912" are printed vertically
Texts from Pencho Slaveykov’s works, a bird illustration from one
of his books of poetry, the figure of the poetess Mara Belcheva
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
100 Leva 
Aleko Konstantinov along with emblematic motifs from the Bulgarian
mountain trekking movement,and a facsimile of  the first edition of
A Journey to Chicago and Back
Items from the life and works of Aleko Konstantinov
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
1000 Leva 
V. Levski and Liberty with flag, sword and lion Monument and writings of Levski
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
2000 Leva 
Nikola Ficev Steeple, building plans
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
5000 Leva 
Zahari Stoyanov and quill pen 1885 Proclamation to the Bulgarian People
Lev Bulgarie Lev Bulgarie
10000 Leva 
Vladimir Dimitrov, palette, brushes and Academy of Arts Bulgarian Madonna
Bank Bulgarian National Bank
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