Le Dinar - Monnaie de la Serbie

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Drapeau Serbie Capitale Superficie Langue Officielle Fête Nationale
Belgrade 88 361 km2 Serbe 27 avril

Taux de Change / Exchange Rate
Heure Locale / Local Time 12:27

Date Euro / Dinars Dinar / Euros Code ISO
30/04/2020 1 Euro = 118.82500 Dinars 1 Dinar = 0.00842 Euros RSD
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
10 Dinars 
Portrait of Vuk Stefanovic Karadžic, the creator of contemporary Serbian
 alphabet, his writing kit, and an open book (exhibits from the standing
collection of the Museum devoted to Vuk S. Karadžic and Dositej Obradovic)
Members of the First Slavic Congress held in Prague in 1848 and vignette
 of the letters he introduced
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
20 Dinars 
Portrait of Petar Petrovic Njegoš with a line sketch of the Cetinje
monastery on the right side
Figure of Petar II Petrovic Njegoš, detail from the decorative miniature
 featured on the first Slavic Octoechos, printed in Cetinje in 1494,
mountain range of Komovi
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
50 Dinars 
Portrait of composer Stevan Stevanovic Mokranjac, stylized depiction
 of a part of violin, keyboards and scores from the Mokranjac Legacy
Figure of Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac, a motif of Miroslav Gospel
illumination scores
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
100 Dinars 
Portrait of Nikola Tesla, prominent scientist and inventor in the field
of electric energy
Detail from a photograph of Nikola Tesla from his Museum in Belgrade,
drawing of Tesla’s electromagnetic induction engine, ‘Tesla’s Dove’
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
200 Dinars 
Portrait of Nadežda Petrovic, distinguished painter, sculpture featuring
 the artist and painter's brush
Silhouette of the Gracanica Monastery,
a major inspiration in Nadežda's works
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
500 Dinars 
Portrait of Jovan Cvijic, Geographer Image of Jovan Cvijic and stylized ethno motives
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
1000 Dinars 
Portrait of Ðorđe Vajfert, an outline of Vajfert's beer brewary,
hologram image of St. Djordje slaying a dragon
Image of Ðorđe Vajfert seated and details from the interior of the
National Bank's Main Building
Dinar Serbie Dinar Serbie
5000 Dinars 
Portrait of Slobodan Jovanovic, an outline of a sculpture of a woman holding
 a pidgeon on an outstreached hand (an ornamental detail from the building
of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences)
Images of Slobodan Jovanovic, sillhouette of the Federal Parliament and
 a detail from the interior of the Parliament building
Bank National Bank of Serbia
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