Le Dinar - Monnaie Irakienne

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Drapeau Iraq Capitale Superficie Langue Officielle Fêtes Nationales
Bagdad 438 317 km2 Arabe 14 et 17 juillet

Taux de Change / Exchange Rate
Heure Locale / Local Time 16:53

Date Euro / Dinars Dinar / Euros Code ISO
30/04/2020 1 Euro = 1168.85000 Dinars 1 Dinar = 0.00086 Euros IQD
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
25 Dinars 
Saddam Hussein Ishtar Gate
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
50 Dinars 
Grain silo at Basrah. Working at full capacity the facility can off-load and
process 60,000 tonnes of grain per hour
Date palms. Iraq used to be the world’s largest producer and exporter
of dates. Over 600 varieties are grown in-country
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
100 Dinars 
Saddam Hussein Shenashils of Old Bagdad
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
250 Dinars 
Saddam Hussein Dome Rock
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
250 Dinars 
The astrolabe. One of the earliest scientific instruments, able to measure
the time of day or night and altitude and latitude, conceived by the Greeks
it was further developed by medieval Arab astronomers, who used it to
help determine the time for fasting during the month of Ramadan
The Spiral Minaret in Samarra, built 848-849 A.D. Samarra was then
the Abbasid Empire’s capital city
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
1000 Dinars 
A gold dinar coin, used in this region until superseded by more
modern coins and notes
Al-Mustansirya University, Baghdad. Built in the mid-thirteenth century it
was the most prominent university in the Islamic world in the Middle Ages
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
5000 Dinars 
Gully Ali Beg and its 800m waterfall. The 10km gully passes between
Mount Kork and Mount Nwathnin, some 60km away from Shaqlawa
The second century desert fortress of Al-Ukhether, Hejira
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
10000 Dinars 
Tomb of unknown soldier and Saddam Hussein Al-Mustansiriyah university in Badgad and Arabic astrolabe
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
10000 Dinars 
Abu Ali Hasan Ibn al-Haitham (known as Alhazen to medieval scholars
in the West), born Basrah in 965 A.D.
Hadba Minaret, at the Great Nurid Mosque, Mosul, built 1172 A.D
by Nurridin Zangi, the then Turkish ruler. The 59m-high minaret
leans 8 feet off the perpendicular. That is how it earned its Arabic
name Al-Hadba (‘the humped’)
Dinar Iraq Dinar Iraq
25000 Dinars 
Kurdish farmer holding sheaf of wheat and Tractor King Hammurabi. Credited with writing the first code of law in human
history he founded the First Dynasty of Babylon in 1700 BC, leading
Babylonia into a period of great prosperity
Bank Central Bank of Iraq
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