La Couronne - Monnaie Suédoise

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Stockholm 449 964 km2 Suédois 6 juin

Taux de Change / Exchange Rate
Heure Locale / Local Time 23:37

Date Euro / Couronnes Couronne / Euros Code ISO
30/04/2020 1 Euro = 10.56790 Couronnes 1 Couronne = 0.09463 Euros SEK
Couronne Suède Couronne Suède
10 Couronnes 
Portrait of Gustav VI Adolf in profile. Representation of snowflakes and the Northern Lights.
Couronne Suède Couronne Suède
20 Couronnes 
Portrait of the writer Selma Lagerlöf and introduction to Gösta Berlings
Saga, her first novel. Stylised landscape from Värmland, showing a forest
and a lake.
Depiction of a passage from Selma Lagerlöf's book Nils Holgersson's
Wonderful Journey Through Sweden, with Nils and Mårten goose flying
over the flatlands of Skåne, in southern Sweden.
Couronne Suède Couronne Suède
50 Couronnes 
Portrait of singer Jenny Lind, drawn and engraved from a printed lithograph
dating back to around 1845 and Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz' drawing of the old
Stockholm opera house, which was demolished in 1892.
Picture of a silver harp, its tonal range and an excerpt from the score of
Sven-David Sandström's, pictures for Percussion and Orchestra.
Couronne Suède Couronne Suède
100 Couronnes 
Naturalist Carl von Linné (Linnaeus). The portrait is engraved from a painting
 by the Swedish 18th century artist Alexander Roslin and drawing of pollinating
plants taken from Linné's early work Præludia Sponsaliarum Plantarum from 1729.
Pictures by photographer Lennart Nilsson.
The most prominent motif is a drawing of a bee pollinating a flower.
 However, there are also pictures from the fertilisation of flowers:
pollen grains, the lobes of a stigma and the result, a germ.
Couronne Suède Couronne Suède
500 Couronnes 
Karl XI, King of Sweden 1672-1697. Portrait is taken from David Klöckerbr
Ehrenstrahl's painting of 1682 depicting Karl XI at the battle of Lund 1676
and the first Riksbank building, which still stands at Järntorget in Stockholm.
Christopher Polhem, the father of Swedish engineering and large gear
wheel from Polhem's industrial plant at Stjärnsund in Dalarna.
Couronne Suède Couronne Suède
1000 Couronnes 
Portrait of Gustav Vasa, from an oil painting by Cornelius Arentz in the
1620s. Depiction of what is known as the parhelion picture in the
Cathedral in Stockholm. The phenomenon is symbolised by the rings.
Graphic interpretation from Olaus Magnus' Description of the Northern
Peoples from 1555. The picture shows the harvest being gathered and
threshed in radiant sunshine.
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