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30/04/2020 1 Euro = 10.13270 Couronnes 1 Couronne = 0.09869 Euros NOK
Couronne Norvège Couronne Norvège
50 Couronnes 
Portrait of Peter Christen Asbjørnsen. Background based on Asbjørnsen's
story "A summer night in Krogskogen" and also creates associations with
his profession as a forester.
Many of us have experienced the stillness of a woodland tarn and the
feeling of magic as we glance into the water and see the reflections of
clouds overhead, hear the buzzing of a dragonfly and perceive the
fragrance of flowering water lilies. Theodor Kittelsen's drawings of this
motif are the most famous.
Couronne Norvège Couronne Norvège
100 Couronnes 
Portrait of the opera singer Kirsten Flagstad. The background is an
 illustration of the main auditorium of the Norwegian Opera,
as viewed from the stage.
Ground plan of the opera's main auditorium.
Couronne Norvège Couronne Norvège
200 Couronnes 
Portrait of Kristian Birkeland. The northern lights rising upwards toward
the North Star are the central feature of the background. We also find
well-known constellations such as Little Bear (Ursa Minor) and the Big Dipper.
Note based on the northern lights that are visible during the day. The
illustrations depict Birkeland's thoughts about the orientation of electric
currents in connection with the northern lights. Currents near the auroral
arcs flow parallel to the ground, while those that are higher up flow along
the earth's magnetic field lines. These currents are called Birkeland Currents.
Couronne Norvège Couronne Norvège
500 Couronnes 
Portrait of Sigrid Undset as a young woman. The rosette on the left was
inspired by one of her lace collars. The background is based on Gudbrandsdal
tapestries, in particular a pattern where the cross figures prominently.
"The Bridal Wreath" is the title of the first book in Undset's trilogy about
 Kristin Lavransdatter. The author used the wreath to symbolise secular
and spiritual love. A tapestry pattern from Gudbrandsdalen provides the
background for the wreath.
Couronne Norvège Couronne Norvège
1000 Couronnes 
Portrait of Edvard Munch as a young man set against a background
inspired by Munch's painting "Melancholy".
The motif is a rendering of one of Munch's studies for his masterpiece
"The Sun", which is among the decorations adorning the
University of Oslo's Aula.
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